Priestess manicure
  • 40min
  • 19 eur

Doing this manicure in the pedicure chair for 5 0 m i n . - 26 €

Jums bus suformuoti nagai ir atstumdomos odelės.

Madam manikiūras
  • 35min
  • 15 eur

Norite tiesiog palepinti ir atpalaiduoti įsitempusias rankas? Šio manikiūro metu Jums bus suformuoti nagai, atstumdomos odelės, pilinguojamos rankos ir atliktas lengvas masažas. Nagus nulakuosime Jūsų pasirinktu Vinylux laku.

Nobility manicure
  • 45min
  • 25 eur

Doing this manicure in a pedicure chair 6 0 m i n . - 30 €

The cuticle is handled with an apparatus or scissors. At your request, we will not soak our hands, and we will use an electric file to handle the cuticle and perform a combined manicure. We will form and scrape the nails with the selected CND Vinylux (hybrid) varnish. This manicure for those who are in a hurry and want impeccable-looking hands.

Countesses manicure
  • 55min
  • 26 eur

The most popular manicure in City Wax Vilnius salon.

For you, the cuticle will be tidied up, nails will be formed, hands will be lightly scrubbed with a grapefruit scrub, which gently cleanses and restores the protective layer of the skin. You will be given a light hand massage using lotion with Inca Inchi nut oil. The nails are varnished with Vinylux varnish of your choice.

Count's manicure
  • 40min
  • 28 eur

Darantis šį manikiūrą pedikiūro kėdėje 5 0 m i n . - 29 €

Your hands will be soaked in a bath that strengthens your nails. You will have the cuticle cleaned up, a light hand massage will be performed and, at your choice, the nails will be polished or varnished with matte varnish.

Yonka SPA manicure
  • 75min
  • 32 eur

A special, cozy manicure that soothes not only your hands, but also your thoughts. Your fingers will be pampered in an aromatic herbal bath, the cuticle will be carefully arranged, and your hands will be scrubbed with a nourishing skin Yon-ka scrub. Also during this manicure, the skin of your hands will be deeply moisturized by a mask covered with warm compresses, and later you will also enjoy a massage to the elbows. In conclusion, we will tone the skin with Yon-ka lotion and scrape our nails with CND Vinylux varnish. We will finish the manicure with a nourishing hand cream. A real pleasure with a burning candle on the table.

Caravels manicure
  • 35min
  • 19 eur

Designed for girls under 16 years old. Karalaite will have her nails formed, a light hand massage will be performed using vanilla CND lotion, which will give the hands a golden glow. The caravel will be crowned by polishing her nails with Vinylux varnish of her choice and the design of several nails.

Mistresses (collagen) manicure
  • 75min
  • 37 eur

Your hands will be peeled to the elbows, thus preparing for a nourishing mask. While the hands enjoy the moisturizing effect, the fingers will be dipped in the bath for careful handling of the cuticle. After wiping the mask with a hot towel, hands up to the elbows will be rubbed with lotion and thoroughly massaged. After the massage, you will be put on collagen gloves. As long as your hands feed on collagen, your nails will be varnished with the cnd vinylux varnish of your choice. After the varnishing of the nails is finished and the varnish dries, all hands will be massaged with the remaining collagen. Manicure is worthy of a real mistress!